A gastronomically provocative affair.

Strengthen your community

Whether you want to build internal company culture or share culture with other like-minded individuals, Any Salon encourages meaningful IRL connection in today’s digital-first society.

A design-centric

Design is at the core of how we host, curate, and share the Salon experience. All Salons have themed agendas, weaving playful cuisine and mixology into thoughtful conversations around culture.

3 cocktails,
3 courses,
3 speakers.

From religion to physics to design theory, the rule of 3 encapsulates the world’s most powerful ideas. We design our offerings around the rule of 3 to inspire action and spur innovation.

The first Salon was hosted back in November 2018 in SoHo, New York. A carefully curated guest-list helped creating a unique evening. Since then, a total of five Salons were hosted. No Salons hosted since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the city.

Interactive IRL

Client: Self
Year: 2018
No. of guests: 48
For the first Any Salon, the theme was “interactivity.” The theme was intended to go beyond just the idea of clicking a button in on the internet, more going with the concept of interactivity and exploring what it means today. We heard from a neuroscientist, a brand manager, and an architect to question what interaction means in context to specific ideas relating to their area of expertise.

Breaking the fourth wall

Client: Self
Year: 2019
No. of guests: 68
Any Salon 002’s theme was transparency. We thought about bringing what transparency means in relation to identity. The transparency of bodies, feelings, and ideas were all examined through different means. For instance, the Salon was held at a condo off the Highline where pedestrians on the elevated park were able to look right into the event space.
Client: As Promised Magazine
Year: 2019
No. of guests: 120
For Any Salon 003,  Maison Lotan partnered with As Promised Media to launch the inaugural issue of As Promised Magazine. For this event, the theme was identity and invited guests to explore the definitions of origin and belonging. Following the spirit of building bridges and encouraging connection and community no matter how one views their own identity.
Client: The We Company
Year: 2020
No. of guests: 280
In 2020, Maison Lotan lead the experience design for the launch of WeWork Food Labs. For the Love of Food was an immersive culinary journey through the senses. Every touchpoint was curated with intention, from the eclectic themed food and bar menu to the custom white staff jumpsuits.

In good company

By leveraging our creative network, we orchestrate a bespoke collective of industry specialists to make your unique Salon a truly memorable experience.

Succumb to the irrepressible power of flowers

Site specific culinary experiences

Bringing good people together

Our Approach

We believe design is meant to be experienced.
We care about the details that are unseen and overlooked.
We create well-designed touchpoints that enhance and elevate.
We design at your leisure, for your leisure.